January 2017

Fri Jan 20

Comedian Roger Radley

Roger Radley was born and raised on a small farm in Wisconsin, but realized that agricultural wasn’t his calling. His real talent is finding the wonderful humor in everyday life in Wisconsin.

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Sat Jan 28

Brass Barn Polka Band

Bringing together jazz artists, a jazz composer, classical performers, and a composer for the modern concert hall, the Brass Barn Polka Band serves as a meeting point for the cultural backgrounds of all of its members. Every player's background enhances the young, hip, and intricate styles the band brings to the old traditional polkas and waltzes. 

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Sun Jan 29

African Drum and Dance

Direct from Senegal, the African Drum and Dance group will educate and entertain you with traditional drumming, dancing, folklore, acrobatics, and African history. 

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February 2017

Sat Feb 4

​Pushing Chain

Boyd Blomberg and Adam Moe, aka Pushing Chain, has been performing together in various manifestations since 1997. The duo plays Folky-Tonk music featuring Boyd on guitar and vocals and Adam on the fiddle and vocals.

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