October 2022

Mon Sep 12
Fri Oct 14

The Flappers and the Lounge Lizard Fund

The Flappers and the Lounge Lizard – Mary Huffcutt, Shelley Retzlaff, and Jenny Schafer are three independent women who spend much of their time influencing the thoughts and ideas of young people in Chippewa Falls. Although generally serene in temperament, they have been known to kick up their heels once in a while. They are keen to add a “best dressed” award to their resumes but would be happy if you would help tip the scales so they can capture the biggest bootlegger fund trophy also.

The Flappers and the Lounge Lizard

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Mon Sep 12
Fri Oct 14

The White Lightning Wobblers

The White Lightning WobblersNancy Scobie and her gang of White Lightning Wobblers (featuring Paul, Edie McDonald, Roberta Rasmus, Dan Lea, Jacey Lea, Judy Brist and more) always brings their best to any situation. With a large cast, she will endeavor to overwhelm the competition with grace, style and artistry. Throw a few dollars in this group’s kitty and they may thank you from the stage.

White Lightning Wobblers Fund

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Tue Oct 4
Wed Oct 5

The Art of Drawing

ONE SPOT LEFT! Call 715-726-9000 to register.

Drawing is the foundation skill for all the visual arts. A lack of drawing skills often relates to a lack of understanding of spatial concepts, and with problems with artistic 'vision' – the ability to create in artwork what is in one's imagination. Learn to see and measure accurately, and some ways to loosen up. We'll explore gestural and expressive mark-making, exaggeration or distortion, and co-operative drawing using the basic drawing tools of graphite, charcoal, pen, and ink. This workshop is appropriate for all skill levels.

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Fri Oct 7

Josh Casey

Josh Casey mashes up a show of comedy and skills; juggling, audience participation, jokes and stunts are all part of the experience.

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