March 2023

Thu Mar 30

4th Wall Ensemble - condensed version

A condensed version of the evening's performance. Lively, interactive and only approximately 45 minutes long with no intermission. This matinee performance is PERFECT for assisted living outings, homeschooled youth, and field trip for grades four through eight. The Fourth Wall puts a vaudevillian twist on classical chamber music with their one-of-a-kind variety show, Fruit Flies Like a Banana. Chopin on hoverboards, Satie performed while hanging upside down, Joplin on plastic boomwhacker tubes, and tangos where the musicians are also the dancers!

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Fri Mar 31

4th Wall Ensemble

The Fourth Wall Ensemble puts a vaudevillian twist on classical chamber music with a one-of-a-kind variety show titled Fruit Flies Like a Banana. Part chamber music group, part theatre company, part modern dance troupe, part circus act, the Fourth Wall blends music, theatre, dance, and acrobatics into a new hybrid art form.

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April 2023

Fri Apr 14

Uganda’s Dance of Hope

From the very first drumbeat you will be lifted through a breathtaking and exhilarating journey to the soul of Africa, showcasing the colorful clothing and sounds of traditional Ugandan musical instruments. Uganda’s Dance of Hope is Africa’s leading youth-based arts education program that captures the messages of hope and resilience.

Reception: Friday, April 14, 6:00pm
Performance: Friday, April 14, 7:30pm

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Sun Apr 16

Opening Reception - 59th Annual Spring Art Show

Come explore one of the largest, non-juried community art exhibits in western WI. Each year the exhibit includes the artwork of well over 80 artists - young and old, experienced and novice - displaying artwork of many different types of styles and media.

1:00pm Open Discussion "What Is Original Art?"

2:30pm Award Ceremony

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