October 2022

Mon Sep 12
Fri Oct 14

The UNtouchables Fund

The UNtouchables – Consisting of Jackie Boos, Tasha Weiss, Michelle Farrow, Mandy Nunes, Katie Hartman and Katherine Rapacz, the UNtouchables are considered the usual suspects in a wide range of lucrative, popular events happening in and around the Chippewa Falls area. Although well-known throughout the town, they have managed to avoid getting unwanted attention from the local police despite being very active in many of the local businesses. One could almost say that they seem to provide protection and support to these businesses, but at a price.

The UNtouchables Bootlegger Fund

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Sat Oct 15

The Speakeasy

On Saturday, October 15, the Heyde Center will be throwing the party of the 2020’s decade, but only those with the secret knock and the password will be allowed to enter.

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Sun Oct 23

Pianist Alexandre Dossin

The evening's concert recital will be dedicated to American piano music by composers George Walker and Carl Lachmund. George Theophilus Walker (June 27, 1922 – August 23, 2018) was an American composer, pianist, and organist, and the first African American to win the Pulitzer Prize for Music, which he received for his work Lilacs in 1996. Carl V. Lachmund (1857-1928) was an American pupil of Liszt; he studied with the Hungarian master in Weimar between the years 1882-1884.

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November 2022

Fri Nov 4

Ye Vagabonds

Ye Vagabonds are brothers Brían and Diarmuid Mac Gloinn who grew up in rural Carlow but moved to Dublin in 2012. They became known on the traditional Irish, blues and folk scenes in the city, playing folk songs as well as their own original material.

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Sun Nov 6

Royal Flush (November)

A concert and dance that will play a mix of dance music including country (think Johnny Cash and Johnny Horton), polkas, waltzes, and schottische along with some early rock and roll. Don’t be surprised if you are asked to sing along.

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