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Music to celebrate the joy of life!

  • Fri, Sep 6, 20241:00 pm Tickets

    No cost for entry. Short educational show for enjoyment.

  • Fri, Sep 6, 20247:30 pm Tickets

    Tickets purchased online will be held at the box office unless otherwise requested.

Klezmazel is group of local musicians who decided to resurrect musical skills learned long ago in a way that enables them to celebrate the joy of life. The group takes their cue from a 500-year-old tradition of ethnic music most closely associated with the Jews and Gypsies of Eastern Europe. The music is filled with both the joys and sorrows of living and will stir your hearts as well as your feet.


AFTERNOON TICKETS: Youth or Student Groups and Assisted Living Groups are free. Please call for reservations: 715-726-9000