June 2021

Mon Jun 7
Fri Jul 9

Meditations - Allan Servoss

The year 2020 brought our nation and the world a number of new challenges. Throughout it all, Allan found himself using his art as a form of meditation – with each new piece revealing a quiet awareness and relaxation of body and mind.

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July 2021

Mon Jul 19
Fri Aug 20

Navigating Our Lives

Artistic expression and exploration offer new pathways for healing and growth for all ages. Many people have credited art as healing because it forces one to forge a connection between one's mind and body. The concept of art and healing is the theme that runs through the artwork of the artists featured in this exhibit.

Erin O’Brien expresses herself through a variety of mediums including fiber art, colored pencil, photography and digital art.

Tanya Meyer is a self-taught Healing Energy Artist, Intuitive Energy Practitioner, Aerial Yoga Instructor and Sound Medicine Healer.

Susan Carew Johnson creates abstract and semi-abstract paintings in acrylics and mixed media on canvas and board in various sizes.

CV Peterson is a multidisciplinary artist who combines environmental research with art.

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August 2021

Mon Aug 30
Fri Oct 1

Counting Our Blessings

Missing the camaraderie of their fellow artists during the pandemic, the Chippewa Valley Watercolor Artists have created an exhibit with the title "Counting Our Blessings" as they recognize how fortunate it was that they were able to continue to paint and enjoy creativity.

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October 2021

Mon Oct 11
Fri Nov 19


Reception: October 14, 5 – 7 pm

Members of the Valley Art Association will work together in pairs to create new artwork for display at this unique exhibit.

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Mon Oct 11
Fri Nov 19

Field of Vision

This exhibit features the artwork of members of the Valley Art Association as they explore the impact 2020 on their artwork.

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