"Lighting and Lace" by Matt Philleo

Chippewa Falls professional artist Matt Philleo has recently finished a portrait, Lighting and Lace, painted and signed in August 2021 at the Heyde Center for the Arts' "Dinner in the Orchard" event. This beautiful 16" x 20" acrylic on canvas image, ornately framed by the artist, was created using the classical glazing technique. Philleo learned the technique nearly 30 years ago and teaches it today in his local and online workshops with attendees all over the world. Using translucent layers of paint mixed clear acrylic medium, Philleo paints so that the light shines through the glazes and gives the picture a rich, vibrant luminosity. Finally, he finishes with incredible shading and detail.

"Lighting and Lace" features a little girl wearing a delicate lace blouse, with a content, peaceful expression, and illuminated by a warm light that softly depicts the contours of her hair, eyes, cheeks, and smile. It is available for purchase. All proceeds of the sale of this painting will be donated to the Heyde Center and will be used within their special project to improve the lighting for art display areas.

"I wanted to give back to the community, especially to the Heyde Center," Philleo said in a written statement. "They've been so good to me, giving me a great place to have art shows and teach painting classes. And they give so many artists in the community a place, a wonderful, historic place to exhibit their work. So I'm delighted that this painting will help make that place even better."

This original acrylic painting is framed, varnished for archival presentation, and ready to be hung. You can purchase this one-of-a-kind masterpiece of art, and be a part of the Heyde Center's efforts to promote the Chippewa Valley artists.

Painting can be picked up at the Heyde Center for the Arts. Shipping costs are extra and will depend on the final destination.