November 2021

Sun Nov 28

Living La Vida Lutheran

The Looney Lutherans are a trio of wacky gals who use music, comedy, and some help from the audience to share their age-old wisdom for living a long and lively life, the Lutheran way and you don’t have to be Lutheran to love it!

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December 2021

Sun Dec 12

A Christmas Carol

On Christmas Eve night, the spirit of Ebenezer’s former partner and the ghosts of Christmas Past, Christmas Present and Christmas Future take turns visiting him to help him understand that a grim future awaits should he continue his cantankerous ways.

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Tue Dec 14
Wed Dec 15

Ole and Lena's Family Christmas

Christmas has always been Lena’s favorite time of year, even if, as Ole says “it makes her more than a little crazy.” This year, Lena has invited the whole family, even her snooty cousin Mildred from Edina. Will Lena be able to keep it all together while she prepares for the family Christmas? Find our in this hilarious comedy about family togetherness.

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January 2022

Tue Jan 11
Wed Jan 12

Guys On Ice

Guys on Ice is a humorous, musical take on the secret world of ice fisherman through a day in the life of Marvin and Lloyd, fishing buddies and homegrown philosophers. This is a musical treat about two guys sharing their hopes, dream, beer, and fish.

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May 2022

Wed May 11

The Great American Songbook

With over 100 years of collective musical experience, award—winning Cathy Reitz (vocals and melodica), Jeff Reitz (woodwinds), and Emily Watkins (guitar and vocals) have a repertoire that spans some of the most important and influential popular American songs and jazz standards from the early 20th century. Tickets: $27/person

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