April 2019

Sat Apr 6

Pad the Tip Jar of Loopy

Click HERE to Pad the Tip Jar of Loopy

Loopy's Tip Jar Total: $760.00 (3/25/2019)

Loopy's High Shores Supper Club drink: Fresh-squeezed Chili Cucumber Margarita - Limes, Lemons, Oranges, Agave Nectar, Chili Cucumber, and Sauza Tequila

Loopy's Saloon and Grill drink: Smashed Berry Mojito - Simple Syrup, Fresh Mint, Fresh Raspberries, Fresh Blueberries, Limes, and Cruzan Rum Raspberry Rum

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Sun Apr 7

Opening Reception

This is the opening reception for the 55th Annual Spring Art Show. Sponsored by the Chippewa Valley Cultural Association and the Chippewa Herald, the 55th Annual Spring Art Show exhibits two and three-dimensional art pieces by local artists – young and old, novice to experienced.

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May 2019

Tue May 7
Thu May 9

Ole Plays Nursemaid Lunch Theater

With Lena having an unexpected bunionectomy, Lena's cousin Mildred has volunteered to head to the farm to take care of things while Lena is recovering at the hospital. Ole thinks he will be able to go hunting and fishing to his heart's delight. But even the best laid plans can go awry. Instead of hunting and fishing, Ole finds himself playing nursemaid to cousin Mildred instead. This is a lunch theater production.

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