October 2018

Sat Oct 6

Backtrack Vocals

Backtrack is an a cappella powerhouse that has amassed over 7 million views and 75 thousand subscribers on YouTube since its founding in 2013. Their repertoire comes from the top popular music hits of today including The Weekend, Sia, and Ed Sheeran and popular music from legends of the past including Michael Jackson, The Beatles and Stevie Wonder.

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Sun Oct 7

Amazing Yoyo Artist

Britton Pankratz is a remarkable and award-winning yo-yo artist and showman. Britton has put together a yo-yo show in which he demonstrates many different tricks using a variety of yo-yos and music to create a show that you can’t take your eyes off. Britton sincerely loves sharing this “old-fashioned” hobby to all age groups and crowds, and he hopes you enjoy his “modern twist” to a classical toy.

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Thu Oct 11

Nonprofit Roundtable Discussion

The Chippewa Falls Area Chamber and the Heyde Center for the Arts are hosting another non-profit networking and learning event to bring local nonprofits together to connect and learn from each other. This year's theme is "Fundraising - What Works" presented by Bob Hogseth, someone who has spearheaded and supported many of the fundraising campaigns in Chippewa Falls over the years.

Nonprofit executives and/or board representatives are encouraged to attend. To RSVP for the event, please contact the Chippewa Chamber at (715)723-0331, email michelle@chippewachamber.org, or register online here.

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Fri Oct 12
Sat Oct 13

Ole Runs for Office

It’s time again when Muskrat Lodge 3412 elects officers and Ole has decided to throw his hat in the ring and run against longtime nemesis, Knut Knutson, lodge president for the past 20 years. Knutson, proprietor of Knutson’s Heating, Air Conditioning and Live Bait Shop is one of Potsdam’s “shakers and movers” and has been a thorn in Ole’s side since they were kids in school. Ole and Sven have already decided that they need to put together a sneaky, tough, and no holds barred campaign if Ole is ever going to ever have a chance of winning.

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Thu Oct 18


Across the globe, the spoken word movement has reignited poetry as a force for artistic expression, critical dialogue, and community-building. As both a specific form (writing poetry that is meant to be shared aloud) and a deeper cultural practice (tracing its roots back millennia), spoken word creates space for all of us to tell our stories, make our values concrete, and speak up about the issues and ideas that matter to us. This session mixes performance, dialogue, and some writing in order to explore why spoken word is currently resonating with so many. 

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