June 2017

Tue Jun 27

Summer Dinner and Music: Barbecue and John Denver

The music of John Denver is timeless and well known. Layne Yost's tribute to the music of John Denver is a faithful tribute that pays homage to the music and the man. Yost captures the simple soul of Denver's music through guitar and upright bass arrangements. Woven within the music are stories that give insight into Denver's life and legacy.  A wonderful show that will take you back and remind you of simple things that remain true.

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August 2017

Thu Aug 10
Fri Aug 11

THE SWAMPERS: Wissota in the Making

The Swampers musical lumberjack aggregation features Amanda Tanzer, Kathy Danielson, Judy Brist, Tim Danielson, Rob Kuchta, along with Swamper Jer, playing a variety of folk instruments and singing a unique blend of three-and-a-half-part Swampgrass harmony.  “Wissota in the Making” marks the group’s 16th original Pure Water Days production celebrating the Chippewa Valley, past and present.

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September 2017

Sat Sep 23

Robert Bruey

Robert Bruey’s music is honest and real, raw and meaningful, gritty and naturalistic. His deft, spare and unique finger-picking style -- with notes carefully left alone to be heard in the moment -- provides a perfect complement for his earthy and soulful voice and the meaningful, introspective lyrics of his songs. 

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October 2017

Sat Oct 14

Fire & Rain

Folk-pop duo Swearingen & Kelli return to Chippewa Falls with their tribute to the most beloved songs of the '70s and the artists who performed them.  The term “singer – songwriter” came into use in the early 1970s to define folk-inspired acoustic performers who made personal statements in their songs. The melodies were created to emphasize their words and voices. 

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Tue Oct 31

Jeff Daniels

In 1976, Jeff Daniels (known for such blockbusters as: The Divergent Series: Allegiant / Ascendant, Steve Jobs, The Newsroom, Dumb And Dumber) bought a Guild D-40 from Herb David’s Guitar Studio in Ann Arbor, Michigan, threw it in the back of his old Buick, and moved to New York City. That guitar led to a creative outlet, became a solace, a road into the artist that he didn’t know existed. Now, over 40 years later, he releases his 8th record, Simple Truths, and is touring the area with the Ben Daniels Band

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