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Three Perspectives

Art Exhibit by Barbara Shafer, Andres Shafer and Susan Pearson

  • Wed, Jun 5, 2024Wed, Jul 10, 2024 Tickets

    No cost for admission.

This exhibit embraces the diverse artistic visions of three artists = Susan Pearson, Barbara Shafer, and Andy Shafer. Susan’s evocative mixed-media pieces, Barbara’s expressive paintings, and Andy’s intricate sequential art come together to create a captivating exhibition.

Andy and Barbara Shafer’s new exhibit features a diverse range of artistic styles. Their works may include vibrant abstract paintings, intricate mixed-media sculptures, and thought-provoking conceptual pieces. Visitors can expect to see a fusion of contemporary and traditional techniques, with themes exploring identity, nature, and cultural narratives.

Susan Phelps Pearson artwork spans various techniques, including traditional painting and large-scale assemblages. Her diverse portfolio showcases landscapes, multimedia pieces, and more. Pearson’s passion for art continues to drive her creativity. Additionally, she has illustrated children’s books and magazines.

Reception: Thursday, June 6 from 5pm to 8pm

Both Barbara and Andy have recently published and released books that they will share passages of their books during the reception. The books, This is My Name and I want to Write It Down before I Forget It by Barbara Shafer and Poems, Written and Painted by Andres Shafer, reflect different stages of their lives and are illustrated by Andres.