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The Fallen Soldiers of Chippewa Falls

A Memorial Day tribute by students of Chippewa Falls High School's Flags 4 the Fallen Club

  • Thu, May 25, 20237:00 pm Tickets


Come learn more about the 43 Chippewa Falls men who died while enlisted in the United States Armed Forces from the students of the Flags 4 the Fallen Student Club from the Chippewa Falls High School. Donations to the Flags 4 the Fallen Club appreciated.

Flags 4 the Fallen is an educational student organization dedicated to identifying, researching, and honoring our community's fallen military heroes. The origins of the name come from the following:

"FLAGS" - The American flag is the ultimate symbol of our nation's freedom and is the most important physical object that our student organization student uses to honor the fallen.

"4" - The number four represents the number of branches that comprise the United States Armed Forces during a time of active war: Army, Marine Corps, Navy/Coast Guard, and Air Force.

"the Fallen" - "The fallen" is a sobering acknowledgement of the millions of American men and women who perished while protecting and preserving our nation's freedoms.