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2021 Entertainment Package

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Welcome 2021!

The year 2020 was a challenging year on so many levels. But if we are honest, there are many important lessons to be learned. For example, what is it that really makes us happy?

Some of us took time to appreciate the simple pleasure of preparing and eating meals created from local ingredients. Others took more time to read – novels, poetry, short stories. I enjoyed walking to work through the beautiful neighborhoods of the west hill. We slowed down and we took note of things that we may have been too busy to cherish before.

We realized that we missed people and face-to-face connections. Although we took to livestreaming many parts of our lives, we yearned for live theater, music, comedy, dance. We craved hugs, shared meals, and the buzz of a crowd settling in for an anticipated performance.

Although social distancing and mask wearing will still be a part of our lives in 2021, the Heyde Center for the Arts will host events in a thoughtful, safety-conscious manner so we can all celebrate humankind’s amazing spirit through its artistic expressions.

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