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Chippewa Valley Music Festivals

Pad the Tip Jar of Wade Asher

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Wade Asher is the General Manager of Chippewa Valley Music Festivals (featuring annual festivals Rock Fest and Country Fest). If you attended the first Country Fest in June 1987, you might have met Wade Asher - he was the nine-year-old boy who sold an event program for the mighty sum of 25 cents apiece. As general manager, Asher oversees everything at the fest, including marketing, the gates and tickets. Wade is the son of Mike Asher, one of the four founders of Country Fest.

I’ll be making a drink called The Ladybug, influenced by someone that is very close to my heart. This drink is on the sweeter side with some fizz and will remind you of summer with its refreshing flavor. As the Promoter of Chippewa Valley Music Festivals, music influences my life every single day. Kind of like The Ladybug, music is powerful, cuts to the heart, reminds me of summertime, and brings life out of so many people just by experiencing it.

Wade's Drink is The Ladybug - St Germain liquor, Sprite, Champagne, fresh strawberries, and Cardamom bitters.