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​Online Auction benefitting the Heyde Center for the Arts

The Heyde Center for the Arts is a testament of our community's belief, support and desire for the arts to thrive in our area. It is also a beautifully restored historic venue that is used to promote artist endeavors of all kinds as well as many other community and business needs.

The funds raised from this auction will help cover the $4,800 funding gap between the money raised by incredibly generous donors of the Heyde Center and the total cost of upgrading the smoke detectors, pull stations and fire system monitoring panel that have outlived their normal lifespan. We would like to recognize Dan and Jacque Daniel, the Casper Foundation, the Shaurette Placek Family, and Barb and Mike Tzanakis for their amazing gifts. These donations raised $27,200 of the $32,000 needed for the upgrades. Many thanks to the Monday crew members who are replacing the obsolete detectors and pull stations, so we did not have to cover the costs of installation labor.

These amazing auction items and experiences have been DONATED by generous individuals and local businesses you will find on the auction website. This is your chance to find some wonderful items and creative packages and support the Heyde Center at the same time.

There is something for everyone. Thank you for Bidding! The auction opens for bidding at 8AM (CST) on March 23 and continues until March 27 at 4PM (CST).