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Ole Plays Nursemaid

Senior Friendly Show

  • Mon, May 6, 20192:00 pm Tickets

    Tickets will be held at the box office unless otherwise requested.

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With Lena having an unexpected bunionectomy, Lena's cousin Mildred has volunteered to head to the farm to take care of things while Lena is recovering at the hospital. Lena is looking forward to her hospital stay, especially since it means that she is free of caring for Ole for two whole weeks! Ole realizes that he will be a “bachelor” while Lena is away, so he is almost giddy at the thought of all that uninterrupted hunting, fishing and, of course, Muskrat Lodge time with his fellow Muskrats! But even the best laid plans can go awry. Instead of hunting and fishing, Ole finds himself playing nursemaid to cousin Mildred instead. Can Ole survive two weeks with Mildred? Will Lena recover and ever come to the rescue? See for yourself what happens in “Ole Plays Nursemaid.”

Please note that this is a special, 45-minute performance of the play.

Tickets: $10 adults, $9 seniors, $6 assisted living residents, Accompanying Caregivers Free