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Ole and Lena Win a Cruise

  • Fri, Jun 16, 2023 - 12:00 pm

Friday, June 16 Cash Bar 11:30am, Lunch 12:00pm, Show at 1pm

Every year Lena listens to her friends at the Curler and Chat talk about their vacations; but year after year, she is disappointed. Ole’s idea of a vacation is going to the Muskrat Lodge’s Annual Convention, usually a camping event held in Potsdam at a park only two miles from their farm! This year, Lena has decided that she and Ole are going on a romantic vacation, even if it kills him. Meanwhile, Ole won the grand prize raffle at the Muskrat Lodges annual “Don’t get your tail caught in the trap” celebration. Ole and Sven didn’t even remember that there had been a raffle, let alone what he might have won. Rumor has it that the grand prize might be a cruise to exotic ports in the Caribbean; something Ole wants no part of. Will Ole talk Lena into going camping instead of bobbing around on a cruise ship “like a fishing boat in a walleye chop on opening day”? Or will Lena finally get the romantic vacation she has dreamed about? Join in the side-splitting fun for the whole family of “Ole and Lena Win a Cruise”, a play about family, love and growing old together.

Lunch and Show Tickets: Adults $36, Seniors $35

Tickets: Adults $18, Seniors $17, Youth $9