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with Doug Berky

  • Sun, Oct 10, 20212:00 pm Tickets

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Doug draws from these vast traditions of mime, physical comedy, the circus arts and improvisation to delight audiences internationally and across the US.

“No Show” begins with the premise that a performance has been scheduled, the stage is set with props and costumes, the audience has gathered and is seated and waiting, but the actors are a no show. What might happen when someone from the audience approaches the stage and discovers all that awaits. Masterful mayhem? Perhaps. More like hilarious bedlam as Berky attempts to ride a unicycle, juggle clubs, keep rhythm juggling shakers while playing classical music on harmonica, and more to because “the show must go on!”

Doug Berky has been creating and evolving his own brand of physical theater for over thirty years. His original performances are an intricately woven fabric of Commedia Dell’Arte, physical comedy, mime, mask theatre, clowning, circus arts, and storytelling. Please click here to review the Heyde Center's policy on COVID19 prevention measures.

Tickets: Adults $16, Seniors $15, Youth $8, Family (4) $40