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Comedian Mike Delamont

Decidedly Irreverent but Never Sacrilegious

  • Sat, Oct 2, 20217:30 pm Tickets

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A mix of sly humor and pointed satire, Mike Delamont gets off lots of well-aimed jabs at a variety of religious topics such as Moses, Mormons, and Scientology, with stabs in passing at circumcision, Noah’s Ark, and the tackiness of religious theme parks. What lifts this above standard-issue standup is Delamont’s marvelous delivery: with daft confidence and superb comic timing, he effortlessly dominates the room as a cantankerous female deity. Such is his divine comedic power that in only minutes you forget you’re watching an ungainly frump of a man in an ugly dress.

Mike Delamont is easily one of the fastest-rising standup comedians in Canada. In just five years as a professional laugh-meister he has won 18 “Best of the Fest” awards on the Fringe Festival circuit, is a three-time Canadian Comedy Award nominee, and has put on numerous sold-out shows all across North America.

Audience advisory: this show is satirical in form with mature content and language.

Tickets: $29 adults, $28 seniors