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...a limited podcast series.

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The Heyde Center for the Arts, in partnership with Eau Claire Hometown Radio, announces the launch for its first ever limited podcast series “GHOSTED.” Created and hosted by local college students Semisi Faleta, Ada Packiewicz, and Evan Peterson, this creepy comedy podcast looks to explore the scary, unexplained, and downright weird stories found right in our own backyard of Wisconsin and Minnesota, and will release new hilariously horrifying episodes every week in the month of October; all leading up to the Heyde Center’s annual murder mystery dinner “GHOSTS IN THE ATTIC” on Halloween night (October 31st). The teams at the Heyde Center, Eau Claire Hometown, and “GHOSTED” seek to promote local art and entertainment by local organizations for local people through their work on this absurdly awesome show. PG13 rated (language) GHOSTED PODCAST