October 2021

Mon Aug 30
Fri Oct 1

Counting Our Blessings

Missing the camaraderie of their fellow artists during the pandemic, the Chippewa Valley Watercolor Artists have created an exhibit with the title "Counting Our Blessings" as they recognize how fortunate it was that they were able to continue to paint and enjoy creativity.

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Fri Oct 1

Her Crooked Heart

Rachel Ries, the writer, multi-instrumentalist and producer behind Her Crooked Heart, demonstrates immense vulnerability and multifaceted musical craftsmanship in delivering personal and profound musical soliloquies on love, leaving and the life that follows after burning it all down.

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Sat Oct 2

Comedian Mike Delamont

A mix of sly humor and pointed satire, Mike Delamont gets off lots of well-aimed jabs at a variety of religious topics such as Moses, Mormons, and Scientology, with stabs in passing at circumcision, Noah’s Ark, and the tackiness of religious theme parks

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Sat Oct 9
Sun Oct 10


Doug draws from these vast traditions of mime, physical comedy, the circus arts and improvisation to delight audiences internationally and across the US.

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