May 2020

Thu May 7
Wed Jun 10

Ole and Lena at the State Fair

ONE SHOW ONLY - WED, JUNE 10 Cash Bar 11:30 am, Lunch 12:00 pm, Show 1:00 pm

It’s Ole’s favorite time of the year, the state fair! Time to enjoy the fair with his best friend Sven. Lena, on the other hand, is in a serious baking competition with her arch rival Elaine Danielson – always tying for the blue ribbons. This year she has a new trick up her sleeve, but when it comes time for the judging, Lena is nowhere to be found. Join the fun as Ole and Lena turn the state fair upside down with laughter!

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Fri May 8
Wed May 27

Virtual Spring Art Show

The Annual Spring Art Show highlights the talents of local artists by two and three-dimensional art pieces by artists – from young and old, novice to experienced. It is always a diverse and wonderful show. The non-juried exhibition includes original paintings, sculptures, photos, stained glass, mosaics, ceramics and other creative art forms.

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Sat May 9
Sun May 31

Jean Arneson, Jane Brink and Devona Brodt

Jean Arneson - I am a self-employed freelance artist who was inspired by many people including my family and teachers. My favorite medium is oil, but I also draw in pen and ink and occasionally charcoal. Long walks, looking through my photographs of family, animals, and places inspire me to paint. My husband, John, and I have three grown children and are enjoying our grandson.

A Step Back In Time (WWII Memorial)

Cobban Fever

Foot Bridge in Erickson Park

Jane Brink - My entries this year are part of an urban series, I have been working on. There are many ways of looking at life in the city. I could go on and on!

Ya Want Fries with That?

Dancing at the Heyde

And They Built Up a Parking Lot

Devona Brodt - I am a retired art teacher who has been blessed with the opportunity to follow my dream and passion for teaching others to draw and paint at my home studio. Revelations Studio opened in 2012, and ever since I have been loving my days spent encouraging others to develop and follow their artistic dreams!

My Deliverer

Good Morning Willy


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Sun May 10
Sun May 31

Kristen Brown, Grace Christie, and Joyce Cox

Kristen Brown - My medium is wool rug hooking. It is basically another way to paint a picture but my palette consists of strips of colorful wool fabric. I prefer to use “re-purposed" wool which comes from damaged or outdated clothing. I take garments apart, wash and dry them to fluff the fibers, and sometimes tweak the colors in my dye-pot. I cut the strips wider or narrower depending on the level of detail desired. I pull small loops through a foundation fabric to create my design. Rug hooking is snail-paced work but the soft, tactile nature of the process is both inviting and meditative.

Halifax Garden Gate

Shin-Rin Yoku

Grace Christie - My name is Grace Christie. I am 17 years old and go to Chi Hi. I have taken foundations of art, painting and drawing studio, welding, and AP art for 2 years. Outside of school, I take an extra art class at Revelations Studio. I also have worked on a lathe making wooden bowls. I am excited to show my art to the community, along with all the other artists.



Northern Lights

Joyce Cox - After years in a demanding profession, I am happy to be taking time to do artwork again. I am an animal and a nature lover at heart, which greatly influences my work. My current artwork incorporates woodburning and painting. Each piece is hand drawn on wood panels, then woodburned and painted using acrylics with a paint-wash technique to allow for hints of the wood grain to show through and given a matte finish. The frames are hand crafted by my husband out of various hard woods and hand finished by me.

Seven Belles and All's Well

How Now

Not a Simple Black and White

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Sun May 10
Wed May 27

Beth Creekmore, Nancy Erickson Dutmer, Mary Elworthy

Beth Creekmore - I am a self taught artist working with acrylics, oil paints and 3 dimension art involving joint compound. I love doing abstract paintings as it allows your mind to interpret the paintings as you see them. Having moved from Seattle, Washington to Lake Wissota, I became entranced with the beautiful scenery of trees and water, especially during the winter snows, that I began to paint them. I recently became a member of The Valley Art Association. I have art available at Artisan Forge Studios in Eau Claire.

The Docks


Mountain Lake

Nancy Erickson Dutmer - Theatrical and artistic upbringing heavily influenced her creative path through life. Most of her adulthood was spent singing, acting, directing and choreographing in the theatre, including a costuming and choreography stint in LA with Christopher Lloyd, John Goodman and Jane Leeves. While she maintained this career, she pursued a college education to become an art teacher. Nancy became discouraged with teaching before graduation, so she focused on becoming a visual artist. With several awards and art studies under her belt, she and her family left her birthplace of Illinois, and moved to Wisconsin. The Northwoods inspired paintings of lakes, fish, birch, dogs, deer and bears.

Arden's Steampunk Fascination

I Can't Get it Out of My Head

Laugh-In, 1968

Mary Elworthy - Retired in 2007 from a 40-year teaching career and started dabbling in water-color in 2009, after taking a workshop from Drawn to the Word artist Paul Oman. Mary continues to take workshops offered both around the state and abroad and also enjoys painting in her studio, at the monthly Chippewa Valley Watercolor Artist meeting at Beaver Creek, at Karlyn’s U of K workshops, workshops with Jean Accola, Paul Oman, Sterling Edwards, and with her Watercolor Wednesday painting group. Her work is displayed periodically at Beaver Creek, Heyde Center in Chippewa Falls, Eau Claire County Courthouse, Altoona Library, on the Valley Art Association website and at her home.

One Tomato, Two Tomato...

Prudence Pouts

Summer Flight In Door County

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