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The UNtouchables Fund

  • Mon, Sep 12, 2022Fri, Oct 14, 2022 Tickets

    All donations are tax deductible. Every donation will receive a thank you letter along with tax deduction information. Funds raised will be used to pay for required safety railing for the roof.

The UNtouchables – Consisting of Jackie Boos, Tasha Weiss, Michelle Farrow, Mandy Nunes, Katie Hartman and Katherine Rapacz, the UNtouchables are considered the usual suspects in a wide range of lucrative, popular events happening in and around the Chippewa Falls area. Although well-known throughout the town, they have managed to avoid getting unwanted attention from the local police despite being very active in many of the local businesses. One could almost say that they seem to provide protection and support to these businesses, but at a price.

The UNtouchables Bootlegger Fund