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Celebrity Bartender Battle Royale

...pad the "tip jar" of your FAVORITE bartender!

  • Wed, Feb 27, 2019Fri, Apr 5, 2019 Tickets

Click on the "tickets" tab above to donate to your favorite celebrity bartender, OR connect directly to your favorite celebrity bartender's individual page to donate there.

This year’s Savoring the Arts dinner "Beyond Black and White" begins with social hour and a Celebrity Bartender Battle Royale!

Our largest fundraising event of the year will take place on Saturday, April 6th and several local celebrities (click on their name to visit their individual page and learn more about them and their drink), Mike Tzanakis, Loopy, Bill Bertrand, Wade Asher, Liz Seubert, and Darrin Senn, have stepped up to the “bar” to compete for the “Most Popular Bartender” trophy, in addition to “Best Drink of the Night” and we need YOUR help!

These bartenders are VERY competitive and want to pad their tip jars as much as they can in advance of the April 6th event to show their support for the Heyde Center of the Arts (and win that trophy!). All tips will contribute to the total amount raised during the Savoring the Arts Fundraiser.

Tip Your Favorite Bartender and Show Your Support for the Heyde Center Today:

Click HERE to Tip Mike Tzanakis, Chippewa Falls Oktoberfest

Click HERE to Tip Loopy, Loopy's Saloon, Grill, and Event Dome and Loopy's High Shore Club

Click HERE to Tip Bill Bertrand, Morrie's Chippewa Valley Mazda

Click HERE to Tip Wade Asher, Chippewa Valley Music Festivals (Country Fest & Rock Fest)

Click HERE to Tip Liz Seubert, Lake Wissota Golf & Events

Click HERE to Tip Darrin Senn, Senn Blacktop Inc.

This opens up the fundraising to any and all who would like to show their support for Heyde Center for the Arts and their community efforts to serve as a catalyst for artistic expression and education to enrich the Chippewa Valley and beyond!

About the Bartender Battle Royale:

NEW to Savoring the Arts, local celebrity bartenders Mike Tzanakis, Loopy, Bill Bertrand, Wade Asher, Liz Seubert, and Darrin Senn will share their best cocktails and banter with the hopes of winning the crowd and the night. “Best Drink of the Night” and the “Most Popular Bartender” trophies – as well as bragging rights are at stake in this battle.

A major portion of the Bartender Battle Royale takes place in advance of the evening with the bartenders competing to "pad their tip jars" to raise money to contribute to the evening's total fundraising. Our bartenders are VERY competitive so be sure to select your favorite bartender from the above links to help them WIN.

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