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Twelve Days before Christmas

A concert of traditional Christmas carols and hymns

  • Tue, Dec 12, 20176:00 pm Tickets

    BUFFET SUPPER IS SOLD OUT. Show only tickets available. 

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For three years, director Nancy Scobie has longed to put together a program of Christmas music featuring the hymns and Old English Christmas carols she learned long ago in her little, one-room country school. She attended first through eighth grades at that little school - one teacher managing all eight grades. The piano was usually off key, but it was always tuned just before the annual Christmas program. They would start practicing right after Thanksgiving vacation. Excitement would fill the air in anticipation of an evening Christmas performance to be shared with three generations of familiar faces and family at that little school with one teacher for eight grades. The stage was set up by the "big boys" with saw horses and planks. The curtain was a WWII army blanket hung from a string wire. Those concerts were magical and wonderful. 

Nancy Scobie, Jerry Way, Judy Brist and featured singers Emily Kassera, Cathy Statz, Amanda Tanzer Schafer, Terri Tompkins, Father Bill Felix, Paul McDonald, Dan Lea, Forrest Cleven-Pederson are delighted and blessed to share the joy and excitement of Christmas in this special concert twelve days before Christmas. Celebrating 15 years of creating music, MJ Consort will provide music before the performance and during intermission. Full cash bar available. 

Admission:  Buffet Supper show: SOLD OUT Show only (mainly balcony seats): $15 per person