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Gallery Exhibits: Priscillamae Olson, Kristi Schumacher and Michael Haynes

Exhibit: Wednesday, May 30 to Thursday, June 28

  • Wed, May 30, 2018Thu, Jun 28, 2018 Tickets

    No cost for admission. Artwork available for sale through the Heyde Center office.

Telling Stories: Michael Haynes

I use photography as a way to tell a stories.  My subjects are eclectic, yet grounded in the principle that even the simplest objects in front of my lens have the ability to stimulate curiosity and evoke emotion. I take a lot of photos. Some of my photos are staged, such as those intended for stock use; however, the majority of my work is random and impulsive.  Whether on a run, going through day-to-day tasks or relaxing on a northern Michigan beach, I am always on the lookout for the next shot.  Regardless the subject, I want viewers of my work to imagine what took place before and after the shot so that they can share the experience. The works on display represent my attempt to use balance, rhythm and overall composition in order to showcase the beauty that exists in everyday life and in subjects that are around us. No cost for admission. Artwork is for sale.

Scenes From My Garden: Kristi Schumacher

Kristi Schumacher is a self-trained artist, woodcarver and photographer. Her award winning work can be found in corporate and home settings, and has several commissioned pieces in various media. She has also done design work and retail window displays. Schumacher has exhibited her work in over 18 venues throughout the Midwest. Schumacher is a freelance photographer and correspondent for the Wisconsin State Farmer Newspaper, and a published children’s author. Her books include: Out My Front Window and The Legend of the Fancy Horse, a 3-book trilogy, that show her diversity in writing style and illustrations. “My deep regard for nature and animals, and my life on the far, all influence my work.” No cost for admission. Artwork is for sale.

“When I Stumble in Life’s Storms: A Bridge to Carry Me Home”: Priscillamae Olson 

Although the topic of suicide is uncomfortable, Priscillamae opens up the dialogue with her new book and artwork that explores suicide and its related life's storms of depression, poverty, homelessness, cults, bullying, and gender confusion. Through her artwork and book, Priscillamae shares personal stories of growing up, and as both counselor and teacher, dealing with difficulties and challenges in life's storms. Her original poetry is interlaced throughout giving voice to the silenced cries of teens and young adults who are experiencing a fragile state and paralyzing pain as they deal with the thunderous roar of life's rapids. No cost for admission. Artwork is for sale.