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Fifty Shades of Light: The Artwork of Tom and Sue Weniger, Beth Marcus

  • Tue, Jul 18, 2017Wed, Aug 30, 2017 Tickets

    No cost for admission to the exhibit or the artist reception. 

Artist Reception: Sunday, July 23 from 12 - 2 p.m. 

Tom Weniger is an advocate of observation being the key to constructing a compelling painting, and (most importantly) the “Quality” of one’s observation being the determinant factor in the creation of Fine Art. A career court reporter, Sue Weniger takes her skills of detail and precision and applies them to her love of observation and drawing. Her subject matter is as diverse as the world around her. Growing up on the edge of the woods and not far from water, Beth Marcus did a lot of day dreaming and exploring the flora and fauna available to her in nature’s art gallery.  She has a wonderful propensity for making things out of found objects.