August 2018

Wed Aug 22
Fri Aug 24

Watercolor Classes by Jeff Nelson

Watercolor artist Jeff Nelson is offering beginning and advanced level watercolor classes at the Heyde Center for the Arts, August 22-23-24.

Beginner Class - August 22 will be a one-day class from 9-3pm. This class is for the beginning painter (see Winter Birch image for intended subject). This class will be limited to 12 people.

Advanced Class - August 23 - 24 are for the experienced painter. The intended image for the class is Meadow Lark. These classes will cover techniques including washes, gradient wash, splash bleed, masking, dry brush, spattering. By the end of class each person will be able to leave with a completed painting. The advanced class is limited to 10.

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October 2018

Sun Oct 7

Amazing Yoyo Artist

Britton Pankratz is a remarkable and award-winning yo-yo artist and showman. Britton has put together a yo-yo show in which he demonstrates many different tricks using a variety of yo-yos and music to create a show that you can’t take your eyes off. Britton sincerely loves sharing this “old-fashioned” hobby to all age groups and crowds, and he hopes you enjoy his “modern twist” to a classical toy.

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Thu Oct 18


Across the globe, the spoken word movement has reignited poetry as a force for artistic expression, critical dialogue, and community-building. As both a specific form (writing poetry that is meant to be shared aloud) and a deeper cultural practice (tracing its roots back millennia), spoken word creates space for all of us to tell our stories, make our values concrete, and speak up about the issues and ideas that matter to us. This session mixes performance, dialogue, and some writing in order to explore why spoken word is currently resonating with so many. 

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Thu Oct 18

Spoken Word Open Mic

A free, open mic to provide a safe space for artistic expression, experimentation and development across all genres. It is not a workshop nor a staged show. It’s the stepping stone in-between. It is open to artists of all mediums seeking to share their creative energy and unique perspective. All generations from the Chippewa Valley are invited to share their voices, ideas and wisdom. 

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Wed Oct 24
Thu Oct 25

Watercolor class: perspective and composition

Jeff Nelson is offering a perspective and composition watercolor class at the Heyde Center for the Arts. Specific skills to be taught include: multiple vanishing points, off edge vanishing points, rules for formal and informal composition, highlighting, washes, ruler painting and basic color theory.

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