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Artist Reception and Concert "Art by Inmates"

The Pen Project and 513free

  • Thu, Jan 18, 20185:00 pm Tickets

    Concert reservations recommended. Please contact 513free at 412 S Barstow St, Eau Claire, WI 54701, Phone(715) 790-5130

The 513free Prison Ministry and the Heyde Center for the Arts are excited to work together to feature the artwork of people who have been or who are incarcerated.  There are over 2.2 million men, women, and juveniles incarcerated in the United States today. Each year, 650,000 inmates are released into the general-public and approximately 70 percent reoffend within the first five years of their release.  513free actively works to break the cycle of incarceration by building Christ-centered relationships and programs for those who are: at risk of going, those currently in, and those being released from prison.   

Through the art exhibit, the articles from The Pen Project, and a musical concert, 513free and the Heyde Center will show visitors how creative outlets like the visual arts, writing, and music can make positive changes in the lives of the incarcerated and those just released from prison.  Exhibit and concert are free to the public, but concert reservations are recommended.

“Through The Pen Project not only can we use our voices again, but we can find healing, we can help, we can share, we can listen, we can pray for mended lives and ultimately we can find freedom through Christ.”  Jackson Correctional Institution (Inmate)